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Pastel on UR Paper

Exhibition -
BAA Gallery, 2018 -2019


A poetry of Woman’s Dream
Acrylic on canvas  30” x 24”  

*Briefly I slept and I saw the person I love,
now I put my faith in this thing called a dream.
                                     + Ono no Komachi +
one of the  six best poets during the Heian
period (794-1185 AD).
The poetry* inscribed on the fan is  Komachi, a
poet well known for her beauty
and sensual poetry. Her poetry was often
passionate and considered erotic.  She was
rumored to have many suitors, and yet be
cruel to her lovers.

Dancer (舞) -                   
Acrylic on canvas 36" x 24"

Kanji calligraphy for dance epitomized by
a lithe dancer. The Kanji’s free flowing brush strokes (shodo) can be read and written in many ways, each with deep poetic meanings. 


Color Me              
Acrylic on canvas 30" x 22"

Exhibition - BAA Gallery, 2018 -2019


Lili Miura, Artisit
Art exhibition in Buena Ventura Art Association, art gallery, Ventura, CA 




Lili Miura's favorite activity is playing Japanese
traditional Taiko Drums. She is a Taiko Drum performer.
As you can see on right, she paints her fellow taiko

Oil on canvas  24" x 18" 
Completed 1-2018

Global Warming
Cycle of global climate change
​30" x 24"  Acrylic on Canvas
Portrait of Dietrich & Tatiana (8-18)

Dry Pastel Painting on UR paper

​(Custom portrait painting available)

Portrait of Dietrich (age 30)
Oil on canvas

​(Custom portrait painting available)

Destiny's Reflection
30" x 24"  Acrylic on Canvas


Lili Miura is a Taiko Drum performer. She paints her fellow Taiko performers playing Odaiko (Large Japanese Taiko drums).

Under water fantasy - Mermaids
324" x 36"

Mermaid and Buddha     16" x 28"

The Climate Change - Waves